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Carina 2.4 is an all-in-one paging, intercom, synchronized clock and bell system that solves real problems facing schools TODAY.

After 3 years of research interviews with schools, Wahsega developed the first Safety IoT solution that solves real problems for schools with an all-in-one paging, intercom, synchronized clock and bell system.

Top 3 Problems that Carina Solves:

1. Endpoint Health Status

Problem: Non-functioning speakers and endpoints.

Solution: Carina features an intuitive dashboard that shows the health of all of your endpoints in real-time.

2. Clocks and Bells out of Sync

Problem: There’s nothing more frustrating than school clocks out of sync, bells ringing at the wrong times, creating chaos in the hallways between class periods.

Solution: Carina 2.4 synchronizes all clocks and rings every bell perfectly on time, every time.

3. Complicated School Schedules

Problem: Complex school schedules depending on the grade, day of the week, or specific dates.

Solution: With Carina 2.4, you can create a new school schedule in under 5 minutes.

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